31 May 2014

Turning Worry into Worship

It's the last day for the 31 Day Scripture Challenge. It was such an encouraging experience to see everyone's devotion who participated with #lampandlight. For me, I learned so much more using the SOAP method then I did when I used to just read the Bible. Now, I have a deep desire for Scripture. They came alive to me this past month. 

I've learned so much studying Proverbs and just the same, Proverbs 31 left me inspired and hopeful. Verses 25-26 read:
"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."

Verse 25 always felt overused to me, I never really understood the "big deal" about it. That was until I studied the Scripture. My favorite part is when it says, "She laughs without fear of the future." It isn't a careless attitude but it is a confidence given by Jesus. I realized all the things that I once worried about turned out to be blessings. All the things I tried to hold onto meant nothing compared to following His will.

This verse applies to me now in this season more than ever. I just finished my first week of Nursing School (in an accelerated program) and I've never had so much joy, laughter, and peace. I've only experienced the beginning of long-lasting friendships and I never would've had this opportunity if I decided to follow my own plans instead of His. Yes, I'm going to experience hard times and probably even some tears through this journey but I can always come back to this verse and be reminded that my worries can be subdued with some worship. I trust that He didn't bring me to this journey to just leave me behind. He will give me strength through the tears and the laughter. I am turning my worry into worship.

I hope you enjoyed this scripture challenge with Kristin Schmucker as much as I did. Don't let it end here! Make studying scripture something you desire and not just something you can check off your list.
It will change you!



  1. This is so good--I'm going to be thinking on this verse all week!