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To inspire and encourage young women in any and every season of life. Refining the Wild Grapes is a blog community inspired by personal stories of trials, blessings and life lessons. It exists to reveal His relentless love to those willing to be refined by a relentless God

Hello, I'm Katie!

What's the story behind Refining the Wild Grapes? It all begins in Isaiah 5:1-7. These verses were spoken while I was at a conference for young women called to ministry. Basically, this man had a vineyard that he cared for everyday and he made sure nothing harmed it. He did everything he could've done to keep it perfect but the vineyard still brought forth wild (or bitter) grapes. Instead of giving up and leaving it to die, he destroyed the vineyard to start a new one. He got rid of the wild grapes to start fresh, to make new, to refine. The greatest compliment to a grape is to be crushed and be made into a new wine. The same goes for us. Our greatest compliment is to allow God to destroy and refine us of all those wild grapes in our lives (anger, immorality, lust, hatred, sadness, envy, lying, the list could go on forever) so we can be made new. That's where I'm at, allowing God to refine me into something better for His glory and His kingdom. It's not an easy process but it's worth it.

I am currently working as a Clinic Nurse in a small town family office & love it. I married my best friend on 10.03.15 and I couldn't imagine life without him. It's true when they say, "Wait for the right one..don't settle." He's been my constant support & encouragement. When I'm not working or blogging I love enjoying the outdoors, reading a good book, coursing my way through antique stores & flea markets or walking our little frenchie, Gus. That's a little about me & now it's your turn. I can be found at wildgrapesblog@gmail.com or comment below. I'd love to hear from you!

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