09 February 2017

An Empty Well

If you're just joining us, we're so glad you're here. We are now in week 2 of the 4 part series, Beautiful You. Each week we want to dig deeper and encourage and empower every young woman who has ever experienced heartbreak, moments of feeling “not so beautiful”, and those who are still trying to figure out their role in this thing called “life”. Embrace this experience with us, all we ask is that you come with an open heart, an open mind and let Jesus do the rest. You can click here to read last week's post and be sure to join us next week!


Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

I am currently reading a book, Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley, I am asking you, begging you to please get it. In chapter two, she talks about us being an empty well. We want to give and help others but we have obligations and life calls us to responsibilities. We live in a time where we often compete on who can have the most on their plate and still maintain composure. Sit back and look at your plate, all the things you want to do and need to do, and answer these questions:

Who is taking care of you?
This question hit me square in the face! I am a mom of two little boys, I moved twice in one month, and built a house. I had piled my plate and was crashing. I was cranky, I was trying to be perfect and was failing miserably As I read this book at work, I wanted to cry, I wanted to give it all up and start all over.

How do you take care of yourself?
Well, there is the obvious, you are human, correct? I don’t have a “confirm you are not a robot” button but I will assume you need the basics such as water, sleep, good food and exercise. You also need care, love and a healthy heart. You need to be inspired and motivated to grow. If you don’t care for yourself, how can you care for those around you?

In Galatians 5:13-14 it says, You my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve on another humble in love. For the entire aw is fulfilled in keeping one command; Love your neighbor as yourself. Look at that last line, Love your neighbor as yourself. While you are running and caring for everyone and leaving yourself in the dust, you are not able to give those you love your best. You are loving them as you love yourself but you are on the back burner. 

I challenge you to make a list of what you can give up, what is not necessary in life, what is just adding stress to your life. Once you make that list, make a list of what makes you happy, what you would like to do more, something that would be considered taking time to love you. I know this sounds very selfish and “all about me” but if we can’t take of ourselves there will be nothing left to care for others.

Love yourself. Take time for you. Your love will shine through to others when you are full of joy, love and are glowing with God’s grace.

Hello Fellow Readers!

My name is Aleisha. I am a 20 something old, a wife to my best friend, a mom of the cutest two little boys, a lover of music, piano and singing whatever comes to mind, a receptionist and a dedicated reader of Refining the Wild Grapes.

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