12 January 2017

The Prodigal

Hello friends, it’s been awhile, an entire year to be exact. It was never my intention to just stop blogging, to completely neglect this piece of me. If I’m honest, it all became a duty instead of a delight. I physically, emotionally and spiritually became overwhelmed. I had lost my appetite for the Word. And still, I found myself filled with too many earthly things that left me craving for more.
I had settled.

I settled for the pain. I settled for the heartache, for the stress. I became a victim of my own doing. I believed this was how my life was going to be. I believed that neither I, nor God, would be able to change the way I felt.

But Jesus is even more patient then we are sinful (d. mathis) and I realized it was time to get back to my roots, to rebuild my foundation on my Savior. It was time to make room for the good things. It was time to draw nearer, to dive once again into the Word, to talk with Him. I firmly decided it was time to spend my time with the ”God” things.

As James 4:8 ESV so simply states,
Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you

So I’m here. I’m back to where it all began, where my heart is poured into this thing I like to call a blog. Where I share with you my good days and my bad days; the beauty in failures; and the unrelenting mercy of God calling his prodigal daughter back to Him. Never settle and never forget who your foundation is built on. 
Let's continue on this journey.. together.


  1. And I am thrilled to see you're back. Not just because I love reading your posts, but because you're doing it FOR YOU. Not for the comments, but for YOUR heart, soul, faith, and peace. Writing is so therapeutic and I love that blogging allows for us to get our thoughts out, grow in our faith, and grow closer to one another in community. <3

    1. Thanks Kiki, it's good to be back! I'm so excited to grow together in this wonderful community!