20 May 2015


It's time for the May link-up with The Circle. I just started participating with Kiki and The Circle in March, sharing with all my readers the inspiration behind my blog name. I found that this is a great way to meet other bloggers and also participate in this great community! 

For the month of May, everyone is teaming up to share their own version of a Spring Moodboard, which is simply an arrangement of images that show a particular style or concept. For me, it's simply everything I've been in love with with this spring which ranges from free printables to scripture downloads to decor for my new home to my treasured Journaling Bible. I think my favorite item that I will be able to personally share with my readers is the She Reads Truth Study -"Open Your Bible" which was a free PDF that is no longer available on their site. It's such a great Bible study for individuals in every season! This board simply shares with you all the things I've been loving lately.

8. 'The Mingling of Souls' Book  9. Keychain  10. SRT Bible Study > e-mail me for a free pdf of this
I hope you, too, will join in on this link-up! Share the image below on your post and be sure to link up here.


  1. That tulip wreath is awesome! I have got to make something like that for my front door. The one I have up now is kind of fall-ish. I also have an ESV journaling Bible but haven't really used it yet. There's something about getting a new Bible that makes you want to dig in.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kaitlyn, Im in love with that wreath! I just bought a branch wreath like that at a yard sale for 75 cents so I plan on creating something like that for our new place after our wedding in October :)
      There is absolutely NOTHING like getting a new Bible! I love being able to write notes during my readings or while Im doing a specific devotion (usually along with the She Reads Truth plans). How do you like to use that Bible? Any specific devotions you do?

  2. Oh gosh, SO many awesome things here!!!
    2. Beautiful notebooks. I have the same ones!
    6. Great link for Bible study tools. Have you used Blue Letter Bible (website and iPhone app?) It has lots of great resources including Greek lexicon, commentaries, cross-references, and dictionary. Also, have you read "Women of the Word"? I consider it a Bible study resource because it helped me dig deeper with the mind and heart in my Bible study time. I totally recommend the book!
    8. Mingling of Souls… Have you read it? Anything by Chandler is gold, so I'll have to pick this up to read with my fiancĂ©!
    10. The Open Your Bible study was AMAZING! I did it last summer, I think! I would love the pdf! I'll send you an email!
    13. LOVE the "I WILL SUSTAIN YOU" print! What a simple yet profound truth!!
    14. I keep hearing about the journaling Bible and I might have to get a copy!

    1. I'm a sucker for a good notebook and affordable prints. I have so many floating around! I highly recommend the Journaling Bible. For one, getting a new Bible feels like a fresh start when you open it. Second, I love being able to go between that and my KJV Bible and keep notes as I go. It has become my close companion. As for the app, I've never used it/heard of it but I'm definitely going to check it out now. I haven't read "Women of the Word" but I've heard a lot about it.
      I'm currently reading Chandler's book! So far I've been drawn into each page. It's such a good read! I'd recommend it to any couple whether single, dating or engaged (even married!) It has some great advice in it. I'd love to hear what you think of it when you start reading it :)

  3. UM, I WANT EVERYTHING IN THIS MOODBOARD. Not even kidding. :) I love the florals (Rifle Paper Co. is amazing!) and just how springy your collection is, too.

    And I've also been looking into journaling Bibles, too. I like reading NLT and would looove to find a journaling Bible in that version, but I might have to switch to ESV because those are the only ones I've found so far. Have you ever used a journaling Bible before?

    Thanks for linking up!!

    1. Thanks Kiki! Yes, I have the ESV Journaling Bible and absolutely love it! It's great to be able to jot down notes right as you think of them.