16 February 2015

Waiting for tomorrow

Exodus 8:10 ESV
And he said, "Tomorrow."
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

How many times have you said to yourself, I'll deal with this tomorrow. Things will definitely be better tomorrow. That's where I found Pharaoh in today's SRT reading. Moses and Aaron came before Pharaoh in another attempt to let the people of Israel go. And then the frogs came.

In verse 8, Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron and said, Plead with the Lord to take away the frogs from me and my people, and I will let the people go to sacrifice to the Lord. Moses replied, Be pleased to command me when I am to plead for you and for your servants and for your people, that the frogs be cut off from you and your houses and be left only in the Nile. And he said, Tomorrow.

I realize that sometimes we encounter these "plagues" that allow us to see just how powerful God really is but , I was so consumed with Pharaoh waiting until tomorrow to get rid of the frogs instead of screaming, TAKE THEM AWAY NOW! Maybe he was buying time. Maybe he knew he wasn't going to let them go. I still just couldn't figure out why he would put it off until tomorrow. Then reality pushed it's ugly way into my line of sight. I do the same thing that Pharaoh did. 

I struggle with situations, my "frogs", that plague me. Instead of handing my problems over to Jesus, I take control and just brush them off until tomorrow, hoping for a better day. Yet, my problems may sometimes last for days, weeks, months. They steal my joy. They take over. They plague me. I get lukewarm in the place I'm at instead of getting the victory that He has for me if I would just follow His footsteps.

Don't fall into the same trap that Pharaoh found himself in. Tomorrow is never promised. Why would we want to live being robbed of peace and happiness, living with a bunch of frogs, anyway? I pray that my focus is on the day before me, the day that He has graced me with.

What are your feelings about these verses? Do you find them as consuming as I did?


  1. YES. This is something I am currently walking through and learning day by day!

    1. It's something I have to continually work on, too! This is where I have to "die daily" as Paul said. Thats why I was so fascinated with Pharaoh here, it became personal to me. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Katie! You commented on a couple of my posts, so I decided to check out your blog! I was so excited that I found another She Reads Truth girl! I love the truth you are sharing here on your blog :)


    1. Katelyn, thank you so much for your sweet comment. I'm so happy we came across each other's blogs!