11 February 2015

Deafening Silence

The past month I've been at a loss for words and for no reason at all. I'd sit at my computer, thinking that I had something to share, trying to type it out in a post, but I would end up with my finger on the backspace key more than I intended. I've never been one to write just to write. I always want my posts to be intentional, a post led by the Lord and not my own hands. There are even days I simply feel inadequate to write and that's where I've been stuck for the past couple weeks. I was bound by this overbearing silence that I just couldn't shake off.

Then I thought, what's wrong with a little silence? Yes, when we're in that moment, it's terribly frightening. That silence is where we are brought to a place beyond our control, a place of humbleness, a place of teaching, a place of waiting. There is such a negativity placed on having to wait in silence, especially having the patience to wait it out. But, what if the direction we've been seeking is brought to us through our own silence, getting our self out of the way? What if the silence is actually a call to being allowed to listen?

Allowed. Allowed to listen to His voice, to dwell on His words, to experience the next step He has waiting for me. If that's the reward for the silence I seem "stuck" in, it doesn't seem so frightening. I have to shift my thinking from a "me and what I want" perspective to an eternal perspective. A perspective set on Him, not on temporary things. Silence involves me getting rid of me and allowing Jesus to take the lead.
We don't always have to be heard. Give Him the opportunity to humble you. Don't see the silence as something discouraging; see it as an open door for change, a new transition, a new level that He will bring you through. He'll never leave you empty-handed.


  1. I feel the same way at times :( Silence, I love that that is when we need to listen most. :)

    Loved this.

    1. Renee, it really is such a hard lesson to learn. Thank you for your comment!