28 April 2014

31 Day Scripture Challenge

Only 3 more days! I've been anxiously awaiting the start of the 31 Day Scripture Challenge created by Kristin Schmucker from www.kristinnicoleblog.com

Beginning in May, the challenge is to read scripture every day for 31 days and share what you read by posting a photo using the hashtag #lampandlight or writing a blog post to encourage each other on this fun journey! It's a way to get involved and make scripture a priority by sharing our thoughts and inspiring others through these next 31 days.

Starting Thursday, I will be sharing what I chose to dedicate these 31 days to. I will alternate between Instagram posts and blog posts (so there won't be 31 blog posts). Feel free to follow along and comment with your favorite scriptures, something you learned, or an encouraging word! I truly believe this is going to be a light in the darkness for someone.

For more details about this challenge, click here. I also used Kristin's image from her blog to create the button below for others to share during this link-up month so feel free to add it to your blog. Can't wait to start on this journey with you all!

Refining the Wild Grapes


  1. This is SO exciting! I totally want to do this! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    1. I'm so happy you're going to join!